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TAEKWONDO ALLIANCE is headed by Master John Kirkwood and the many Head Instructors around the World.
On behalf of the students, staff & family members of Taekwondo Alliance, allow us to welcome you to our site. The Taekwondo Alliance is now firmly placed within eight countries and rising, and our membership Globally has now reached 2,000 members World wide.  We take great pride in the accomplishments of our Instructors, and of our students and we hope that you will decide to expand your Martial Arts journey with us.  Our sole purpose is to teach students from all walks of life martial arts for self defense and self improvement in a friendly and safe environment. All our Taekwondo Alliance schools teach classes to all ages, as well as host family orientated classes which offer full training programs, covering self defense,TaeKwonDo, Sparring, Weapons, Kick Boxing and Boxing drills.
We are a professional organisation for instructors and their schools. Unlike a lot of other Associations & organisations we are fiercely committed to remaining politics free and are in fact run by our own members & instructors. If you’re tired of paying large sums of money for no real return or support and you don’t want to hand over control to a political ridden boy’s club then our Organisation is absolutely the right choice for you.We’re here for one reason – to offer a truly supportive and modern organisation that will help you grow and continue doing what you love, and that is martial arts!
We guarantee certified and experienced Instructors, all of whom have undertaken specialist training, are PVG Disclosure Scotland vetted, and hold full professional indemnity insurance. Our schools are registered under regional sports councils within South & North Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Lanark.

Taekwondo Alliance offers a unique style of taekwondo and is a complete martial arts system. Our instructors offer more than just the art of taekwondo, students will also gain confidence, learn self defence, along with the physical training of boxing, kickboxing, grappling (ground defence), R.A.P.E TM Defence and much, much more. There are many reasons to join Taekwondo Alliance taekwondo, here are just a few…

For Self-defense: One never knows when he or she may be attacked. Since we normally do not carry side arms, a most effective way to defend ourselves and our loved ones is “empty hand fighting” and Tae Kwon Do reveals the ancient secrets. Knowledge of these secrets can be life savings in times of danger.

For Health: Tae Kwon Do is far more than just defensive methods. It is a superb means of mental and physical development. Tae Kwon Do practitioners are noted for their excellent health gained from the discipline and patience required by the art.

For Self Confidence and Poise: Tae Kwon Do first and foremost requires that all students be polite and respectful and never use their knowledge for frivolous purposes or wanton harm. Yet, a true student is able to dispel fear.

What can be achieved through Tae Kwon Do training? The student of Tae Kwon Do develops an unbeatable self defence through rigid training and professional supervised instruction. In addition, Tae Kwon Do builds dynamic tension and makes balanced use of a large number of body muscles. It provides excellent all around exercise and develops co-ordination and agility. Tae Kwon Do trains students in character, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self-control.

Who may learn Tae Kwon Do? Classes are open to men, women and children. All can learn and participate together. The degree of progress for any student is based on the individual co-ordination and attentiveness. Unique classes available for kids over 5 year of age designed for the young martial artist!

  • As a member of Taekwondo Alliance you are entitled to the following benefits: FREE Taekwondo Alliance Traditional White uniform. FREE lessons at a school of your choice.
  • Access to training 7 days a week, at no additional cost. (Only available for Full membership) Annual Insurance for you and family members. Personalised membership card directly from Taekwondo Alliance.
  • Beautiful personalised testing certificates for every testing you undertake. Access to major National & International events. Access to seminars and events in Scotland. Access to our European Summer Camp held every 2 years.
  • Non Expensive testing fees for colour belts and Black Belt testings in the UK.
  • Black Belt testing in the UK under a renowned Grandmaster.

We look forward to having you as a member of an elite group of martial artists who practice martial arts for the development of mind, body and spirit to promote peace, harmony and truth amongst all people.

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