As the Guyana Martial Arts Association commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Independence, It was truly a celebratory occasion. Teams from various countries assembled in the name of Martial Arts.

The Battle of the Amazon Tournament was held by Guyana Martial Arts Association, sponsored by the government of Guyana and supported by the Trinidad martial Arts Association. This momentus event was hosted in Georgetown, Guyana at the Sporting Gymnasium. This grand event was well attended on Friday April 1st 2016 through to the 3rd of April 2016.

11154_535599719805548_1684674687_nThe entire weekend was an extreme experience that reinforced the notion that the Grenada School of Martial Arts and Taekwondo (GSMAT) has much to do to promote and create awareness of this Olympic sport. Furthermore, we must be heading to the goal of enhancing the educational curriculum by introducing Martial Arts as a CXC subject in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

During the eventful weekend, the premiere scheduled activities focused on seminars to educate and promote the sport in this region specifically. Much emphasis was placed on utilizing the discipline of Martial Arts to develop a well rounded young person. By promotion of this sport, we are nurturing healthy lifestyle practices, developing the capacity for; critical and creative thinking, leadership, and imparting cooperative behaviours in our youth. Interest was also given to enhancing the sport by offering referee training to increase the number of internationally recognized referees of Martial Arts in the Caribbean.

With guests like Cynthia Rock-Martial Arts actress and Eric Kovaleski President of the Global Martial Arts Federation, it was an honourable yet memorable occasion.

Melvaughn Coutain (National Instructor) was able to network with many teams from countries such as Trinidad, Guyana,and the native Amerindians. Support was extended to the Grenada School of Martial Arts and Taekwon-do by the Guyanese to strengthen the sport in Grenada. He also had the opportunity to solidify a spot on the board of directors within the Global Martial Arts Federation.

The second day’s events were a tremendous success. Tournament day was filled with many disciplines of martial arts, with events such as traditional patterns and forms, sparring, self defense and weaponry.

The Grenada Martial Arts and Taekwon-do School had 1 Instructor, two (2) participants and 1 parent in attendance, however, our small but mighty team showcased their skills, discipline and determination.

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Our competitors were enthusiastic about Battle of the Amazon as this was the semi finals and qualifying meant an opportunity to travel to Trinidad for the Finals scheduled in October of this year. Battle of the Amazon was the second tournament GSMAT has attended outside of Grenada.  This was a grand opportunity for the students to witness a tournament  of such tremendous magnitude.

Our 1st student aged 15-18 years competed in his 1st International Caribbean Tournament and placed 4th in traditional patterns and forms and also received a medal of participation in sparring and self defence. Our next younger 8-10 year male competitor received a 3rd place medal in his age group for traditional pattern and forms, and acquired a participation medal for sparring and self defense. In total our school was able to capture 4 medals from our team of two (2).

Wireman a well known electrician and business owner attended the Battle of the Amazon as a chaperon to his son. He was extremely awe stricken when he realized the level of expertise these young competitors had. He is now dedicated to promoting GSMAT and would also like to become skilled in this art form.


During the official medal ceremony, Trinidad officials expressed the Caribbean regional final championship will coincide with the filming of Karate Kid 3. This will be an opportunistic time to astutely promote Martial Arts in the Caribbean and take full advantage in showcasing the first class talent we have in the Caribbean.

The third and final day was a day of fraternizing with other teams, leagues and countries, but was also a day to reflect on the events of the splendid Battle of the Amazons. GSMAT’s team returned home fully transformed, and was able to join in on the celebrations of our Women’s and Men’s Cricket teams at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Upon returning to Grenada we anticipate the continued support of the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Education to further our endeavours to enhance the sport in our beautiful tri island state.

With an imminent excursion to Texas for the prestigious ceremony with our very own Melvaughn Coutain being recognized for his contribution to martial Arts and Taekwon-do being entered into the martial arts hall of fame we are seeking financial sponsorship for this incredible voyage.

The Grenada School of Martial Arts and Taekwond-do is committed to continue its quest for a martial arts and taekwon-do village in Grenada while training and developing the best practices of the art form. We stand behind our mission statement “Making the future brighter by developing the mental and physical skills of our kids, youths and adults through the tenets of Taekwon-do.”

 We feel it is a requisite to have the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Education to propel this important initiative of raising the profile of martial arts and taekwon-do to ascending heights and seek your continued support.

Melvaughn Coutain,

Managing Director

Grenada School of Martial Arts and Taekwon Do




Grand Master Santa- Trinidad & Tobago

Grand Master Titus Trinidad & Tobago

Grand Master Codington Trinidad & Tobago

Grand Master Ted Sandy T&T and Grenada

Cynthia Rock- Actor, Global Martial Arts Federation

Eric Kovaleski- The President of Sagicor Federation

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