Koguryo Freestyle Martial Arts

Chief Instructor Mr. Hugh Crawford & Mrs. Susan Crawford.

Hugh and Susan Crawford have been teaching martial arts for 25yrs. Hugh has been practicing Taekwon-do for 37 yrs initially starting with WTF and then moving to ITF and IMG_7032gaining his black belt at the age of 13 under FGM Rhee Ki Ha. Hugh is a multiple English, British, European and World Patterns champion.

Susan has been training in martial arts for 30yrs and has trained in Wado Ryu Karate and ITF Taekwondo. She has graded under Master Alfie Lewis and has also gained multiple English, British, European and World Patterns titles.
Both now run Koguryo Freestyle martial arts School teaching ITF and freestyle sport karate in which they are both Senior Judges in Patterns for the WMO

Further information on the school opening times and class schedule coming soon.

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