Grenada School of Martial Arts & Taekwondo

Chief Instructor Mr. Melvaughn Marinus Coutain

I am a citizen of Trinidad and Grenada who has been involved in martial arts since the age of 15. At that time my instructor was Professor Don Jacobs of the Purple Dragon school. He instructed me on the art of Don Jujitsu. As a result of financial restraint I was forced to stop training for a while. I recommenced training several years later under Master Gerard James where I was taught Shoto-Kai Karate, Jujitsu and judo. At that time I also including in my discipline boxing.

At the age of 19, in 1986 I had my first taste of competition when I took part in the Caribbean Karate Championship. Other contestants were Billy Banks, Professor Robert Crossen and Bruce Lee’s student, Professor Wallly Jay. In the individual contest I came second in weaponry. The Trinidadian team, of which I was a member, won the Championship.

When my instructor, Master Gerard James died in 1988 I moved to the Little Dragon school and was training under Roger Harwine where I had the opportunity to mix the art forms, karate, jujitsu, weaponry and judo.

In 1994 when I moved from Trinidad to Grenada I continued my martial arts training by initiating students of the Taekwon-do art form from St. George’s University to train with me. In 1996 I started to train under ITF Taekwon-do Master, Senior Master Mitchell and obtained my black belt in 2007. I am now a II Dan ITF Taekwon-do Instructor and Coach.

I opened my own school, the Grenada Martial Arts and Taekwon-do in 2010 and have coordinated several seminars, in 2010 and 2014. Most recently I coordinated my first Caribbean Tournament, which was considered a success.  I am presently involved in a programme to bring together the various martial arts schools in Grenada to foster and educate the Grenadian public on the various art forms and benefits Grenada will receive from an alliance of the marital arts. Also, having recently participated in a mixed martial arts tournament against Masters and Grand Masters from around the world I came second. I was also awarded the title Master for the works I am performing to develop martial arts in Grenada.

I consider myself a man of many talents and skills. In addition to conducting seminars, expos and a tournament in 2015, I manage to train and develop myself in other areas of martial arts. These areas relate to self defence and kick boxing.
I also have interests outside the field of marital arts. I am a certified naturopathic consultant and interior designer. I also specialise in conflict resolution and health and safety. I consider that I am a first class painter, plumber, farmer and cook.

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