As usual our Interclub event was a huge success with many children and adults taking part in a family fun day of competition!  This year….

we had the privilege of seeing our little TKDA Tigers in action! These 3-5 year olds were awesome on the floor, and shone in patterns, sparring, high kick and team events. Their instructors Mrs & Miss Ventura guided and supported them on the day.  For any 3 year old this was a daunting experience, but they outshone all the kids on the day, and everyone was in awe of their skills and big smiles!

Our day kicked off at 10.30am at the Jock Stein Centre, and after a quick judges meeting, we started with junior and tiger patterns.  The sole purpose of our interclub is to give those who are very shy and not confident a chance to compete alongside fellow students within an environment that is controlled and only has our own schools attend.  Our interclub is all about making students feel comfortable, to build their confidence and self-esteem and hopefully once they realise that taking part in a competition can be fun and exciting, it will boost them on to enter the bigger competition arena. As Master Kirkwood says “It’s not about the winning, it’s about taking part”.

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Our event had many exceptional students undertake patterns, and there were many ties, leading to ties and having students go head to head for 1st place.  A joy for everyone to watch and very inspiring.  Our adults also excelled in the pattern division. As soon as our pattern divisions had been completed, Master Kirkwood tallied the totals and announce our Grand Champion, which was Miss Rachel McLaughlin who tran at TKDA Blantyre.  After our individual pattern divisions we moved onto the team patterns.

Now our team events are enlightening as the juniors pick their own team names, and this year we had some toppers! However, for many the the top team name was from our little Tigers, who had settled for a great team name of “To The Death” and this from 3-5 year olds: lol:

The teams were great, and everyone did a great job, especially the girl team from Alliance EK, who were very strong in all their moves.

After the teams we quickly moved onto our high kick divisons! This part of the competiton is mega fun and the kids and adults loved this. This year we broke down the divisions more, moving juniors into age groups, as well as dividing them into boy or girl. This allowed us to give all the students a fairer chance by height.  As usual the students loved this division, as did those watching from the side lines.  Many of the kids excelled in the high kick, as did the adults!

Our last divisions of the day was our point sparring, for juniors and adults.  Our Tigers had undertook all divisions and this was their last one of the day! They battled on the floor and were adorable and funny to watch bounding and bouncing all over the place.  Our juniors also did a great job as did our adults.

It is a privilege to host this event to allow juniors and indeed our adults a chance to gain experience of being on the mats, in front of a crowd and competing.  Our feedback has been positive and we have been told by many parents that their children who were dreading the event due to nerves and not having the confidence, had come away enlightened, buzzing and on a high at what they have achieved.

This year’s event was even more special as we had two Grand Championship Trophies up for grabs, one was for the overall champion of patterns and the other was overall champion of the interclub. This overall Grand Cahmpion was for a student who had accumulated the highest points across the board between patterns, sparring and high kick.  Supreme Grand Champion was little Oliva Fielding of TKDA East Kilbride, an outstanding achievement as she had excelled in all areas on the day.

During the year our students will compete at various events in the UK as well as in Ireland.  We are immensly proud of everyone for their hard work and dedication throughout your training. It is an honour for all the Instructors to help guide you through the path as a competitor and see you all grow in courage, confidence, skills and sportsmanship.

A huge thank you to all our Instructors and seniors who helped on Sunday at the Interclub. The Alliance is so lucky to have such a supportive team of people who work hard to ensure the students receive the best training, coaching and support.


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