Komplete Martial Arts – Taekwondo Alliance Ireland

Chief Instructor Mr. Shane Mc Quillan.

shane mcquillanShane started his martial arts journey many years ago as a teenager in the world famous Grand Master Hee Il Cho Style of Taekwon-Do. It was also at this time that he met Master Joe Cosentino Founder of TaeKido.

He left  the sport for a few years. Only to return to his father’s club based in Malahide Co Dublin. Master Eugene Mc Quillan’s Martial arts school affiliated to International Combat Hapkido Federation and the Independent Taekwondo Federation. During this time Master Mc Quillan had worked with Shane over the years to obtain his black belt in 2002.

In addition through ongoing training with Master Joe Cosentino in the United States as well as here in Ireland, he has learned, trained and been promoted to Black Belt in the highly effective art of TaeKido.

Shane has competed in various martial arts competitions such as the World Championship and Best of the Best just too name a few throughout Ireland and at an international level in America.

In 1998, he came first in Continuous Sparring and third in Breaking in the Wexford Open Championships. He also qualified for the Irish International Team. In 1999, he came second in Continuous Sparring and in third position for Patterns.

To read and view our new TKD Alliance member, then please follow this link: http://kompletemartialartsireland.com

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