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WUMA World Champions


On the 5th of October a small team of 3 students and Master Kirkwood from TKD Alliance Scotland attended the WUMA World Championships in England. This was a three day event, in which 1,500 competitors had entered…..

International Black Belt Testing Scotland


We will be hosting the annual Black Belt testing at KMAA on the 3rd of November.  All students eligible will be notified by their Instructor.

Please speak to your Instructor regarding this testing.



Taekwondo Alliance joins with ITF Korea HQ



Master Kirkwood and Senior Instructors within the Alliance have now affilaited and joined ITF Korea, and look forward to working with many inspiring Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors within this ever growing Global organisation.

Scotland is fulfilling the vision of General Choi’s Legacy by officially representing ITF HQ Korea the only ITF group recognised by the Korean Government. We aim to bring TaeKwon-Do values by promoting and encouraging development of all ITF practitioners regardless of Race, Religion and organisational affiliation. We do this through equality, impartiality, respect and humility by adhering to the Tenets of TaeKwon-Do. One Spirit, One Force, One ITF.

Grandmaster Sutherland heads ITF Scotland and we look forward to many adventures together, attending IIC events, competitions and seminars. The ITF Korea is all about networking, no politics, just the love of Taekwon-Do (As is should be) and sharing and learning from each other.

Some of our senior Instructors in Scotland look forward to attending the first IIC in Scotland in November.


Alliance HQ moves to KMAA

kmaa original logo

In 2017 Master Kirkwood opened up his new full time martial arts and fitness centre in Blantyre, serving the community of Hamilton, Blantyre, East Kilbride, and all surrounding areas.

The centre is an elite training facility, offering classes in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Ladies only Kickboxing, and various Fitness classes. He also specialises in Personal Training, and already has clients training with him on a daily basis.  In 2019, we mark our 2 year anniversary at the centre, and look forward to welcoming more members to the academy over the coming months.

KMAA UK from KMAA.UK on Vimeo.

To visit KMAA and see what classes are on offer, then visit the KMAA Page at KMAA ON FACEBOOK


Alliance Summer Camp 2019


After the great success of our bi-annual summer camp in Tenerife, we are excited to announce our next camp will be……

Taekwondo Alliance Norway Summer Camp


On the 10th of June in sunny Norway many students, instructors and Masters headed to the annual summer camp.  This is our 2nd year attending this amazing weekend, as it is fun, fantastic training and socialising…..

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WMO European Championships


Students from the Alliance in Scotland and in England took part in the recent WMO European Championships, in Rugby, England.  The competition covered patterns/kata, weapons, point sparring, cont-sparring and full contact.

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As the Guyana Martial Arts Association commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Independence, It was truly a celebratory occasion. Teams from various countries assembled in the name of Martial Arts.

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