Taekwondo Alliance Norway

Chief Instructor Master Morten Larsen.


Master Morten Larsen

Master Morten Larsen is the head of the Taekwondo Alliance of Norway, as well as the head instructor and Master at Skedsmo an Gun Taekwondo Centre.

The Skedsmo Tan Gun Taekwondo centre is a member of Norways martial art Federation – Taekwondo WTF section.  Skedsmo Tan Gun Taekwondo particiaptes within the Taekwondo Alliance in Norway and also works with the Taekwondo Alliance in the UK, Europe and USA.

Master Larsen and his head instructors offer training to student from 5 years upwards, and all within a purpose built fulltime 720sqm dojang which is central in Skedsmokorset, Norway.  The centre is under the great leadership of Master Larsen.

The dojang offers an exciting and fun environment to train and complete your martial art journey.  From late 2014 the centre will also be offering training in Sangrok Hapkido giving students another option to train in.

For further information on Taekwondo Alliance Norway, please see the link below.

Taekwondo Alliance Norway

Chief Instructor Mr. Jason Davidson.


Mr Jason Davidson Head Instructor

Mr Jason Davidson is the head instructor at Gerdrum Taekwondo, as well as a member of the Taewondo Alliance Norway.

Mr Davidson is a frequent visitor to Scotland as he is a primary instructor at our bootcamp held each year. As a ex marine tranier, he brings a new and fun system of training to the many students who train with him each year.

Mr Davidson is also a Black Belt in Hapkido and teaches weekly at his fantastic traning centre in Norway.

The Taekwondo Alliance Norway (TAN) is a politically independant organisation with no claim to a particular style direction in Taekwondo. TAN is a collection of clubs who want to train together and put Taekwondo in focus.


The Taekwondo Alliance Norway shall preserve traditions while being inovative and in constant develeopment for the benefit of its members.
The name Taekwondo Alliance Norway comes with the idea that one should be of overall strength in Taekwondo in Norway, were we support each other, help each other forward and upward.

The Taekwondo Alliance will orgainse seminars, competitions and gatherings. The Taekwondo Alliance is an open organisation where everyone should have the opportunity to voice their opinon and be able to influence its development.  The principal teacher in each member club will automatically be included in the management team of TAN.
To find out more please visit our Face Book page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/652820431439787
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