kidscrowdAll our Taekwondo Alliance schools in North Lanarkshire OFFER YOU…..Free classes to get you started and give you a feel of martial art training. You are under no obligation to join after your free lessons, however, if you do decide to join the action, then we will GIVE YOU, a FREE Taekwondo Alliance Uniform !

On top of this we will ensure that you have annual insurance to make life easier for you, as well as a personalised membership card directly from the Taekwondo Alliance.

We also offer quarterly testings for you to achieve your new colour belt, and on passing you will recive an exclusive Taekwondo Alliance certificate. For those wishing to take their martial arts journey a step further and enter the competition circuit, we offer access to major National and International events, as well as access to training seminars with the best in the business!

In addition to the above benefits, you may also be able to receive International Ranking with certificate for your rank, if your school is part of our Taekwondo Alliance Network!

We look forward to having you as a member of an elite group of martial artists who practice martial arts for the development of mind, body and spirit to promote peace, harmony and truth amongst all people.

 Stirling Taekwondo Alliance

Chief Instructor Mr. Christopher Graham 2nd Degree

Address:  Stirling University Sports Centre, Stirling


TAO Tigers/Cadets/Leaders and Adults 6.00pm – 7.00pm


TAO Tigers/Cadets/Leaders and Adults 6.00pm to 7.00pm

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