This weekend Master Kirkwood flew to Norway to host a seminar and spend time training with Alliance members in Norway. To read more on this trip………

Trips to Norway are one of the highlights in our calendar, as we get to spend time with wonderful instructors and students in a fantastic country.  Master & Mrs Kirkwood arrived into Norway late evening and were greeted by their good friend and fellow instructor Master Morten Larsen.  Master Larsen owns the largest school in Norway which is where the seminar was taking place. The seminar was earmarked to go on for 5 hours, however with the high enthusiasm shown by everyone, the training seminar turned into a 7 hour session!

The seminar kicked off on Saturday at 10am and the class was buzzing with children and adults. Instructors had flown in from the North of Norway to take part, and some had driven 7 hours across country to participate.

After formal introductions the day kicked off with a warm up and stretching to get everyone loose and ready for the day ahead.  After the warm up we quickly went onto drills on pads, practising kicking and punching techniques. This soon moved on to one-step and then to sparring which is something our fellow practitioners in Norway are learning, as they are WTF sparring, but undertake ITF patterns.  Everyone was eager to learn sparring and drill to give them the core skill to push this new and exciting development within their training to a new high!

Our morning flew in and at 1pm we took a 30 minute break for refreshments and a spot of lunch.

Things took a new direction in the afternoon as Master Kirkwood started to go through self-defence and then hapkido, which again the students were thrilled to learn.  Many students learnt take downs, throws, defence moves, grips and how to get out of attacks.  The children taking part learnt some basic moves against bullies, and they loved it!

Initially the class was supposed to be 10am until 3pm, this class went on until 6pm due to the enthusiasm on Master Kirkwood who was fuelled by the eager enthusiasm of the students to keep going and learn more.  A truly amazing day, with truly amazing dedicated students who have a thirst for knowledge and the martial arts.

Our night ended with a meal with many black belts and Master Larsen who is the major driving force in Norway and is one of the most humble martial artists we know.  Sunday was another fun filled day and is open mat day at Skedsmo TKD, so many students use this day for practising patterns and other parts of their curriculum.

Master Kirkwood went through various patterns and the application of moves within patterns with all who attended, and again spent over 3 hours covering various Taekwondo skills.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Morten Larsen, Jason Davidson and the many Black Belts and students for another fantastic trip in Norway.  We look forward to seeing you all at summer camp in June.

Master & Mrs Kirkwood

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