WMO European Championships


Students from the Alliance in Scotland and in England took part in the recent WMO European Championships, in Rugby, England.  The competition covered patterns/kata, weapons, point sparring, cont-sparring and full contact.

This is one of the most prestigious events in the UK, and brings together the best within the martial art together under one roof!

The WMO is hosting its World Championships in October in Malaga, Spain, and we are sure it will be a phenomenal event for all those who are competing at it.

jk1Our weekend kicked off with 3 of the team members training at the Urbantrix Academy in Birmingham.  We are honoured to have members within the Alliance as part of the T Force Elite team. This team specialise in weapons, kata, and also combat sport.

During the 2 hours training the team undertook gymnastics, flips, sword and bo training. After the training the team headed to their hotel and a relaxing night before the WMO event the next day.




The WMO event kicked off with patterns, Korean and Japanese, weapons and team events, before progressing onto all the sparring divisions.  Our team of 5 individuals, undertook many divisions in the Europeans and secured 7 titles as well as silver and bronze.


Our winners are:

Master John Kirkwood

Gold Patterns & Gold point sparing

Mr John Kirkwood Jnr

Gold Patterns & Silver point sparring

Mrs Susan Crawford

Gold weapons & Silver patterns

Mr Liam Miller

Silver Patterns

Miss Chloe Crawford

Gold weapons & Gold Freestyle

3 Silver for patterns, weapons and kata

1 Bronze freestyle


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