WUMA World Champions

WUMA World Champions


The weekend started off with a full day of Taekwondo on Saturday the 6th of October.  Our small team was up for the challenges that lay ahead in Team patterns, sparring, continuious sparring and individual patterns. For some within the team, this was a first time experince competing at this level, and also within the continuous sparring divisions. However, they did the Alliance proud and fought their way into the medals taking Silver and bronze in their divisions.  We saw Master Kirkwood also compete out with his comfot zone, in continiuos sparring, something he has not done in 15 years. He had a hard division and fought well, taking Gold. He added another title and Gold in the Master Pattern division, and was very honoured to step onto the floor with his old friend Master Clive Harrison, who also did an exceptional pattern on the day, and secured Silver.

Our next World title and Gold was our junior Black Belt, Liam Miller who beat some hard competition in the Black Belt division to secure Gold in his pattern section.  Our last divisons of the day saw Stevie Whorlow and Lucy Henry, win medals in their continuious sparring and also patterns.  Our day was long, but fruitful and we had a great night celebrating our wins with a Team meal :-)

Our last day of competiton was Sunday the 7th, this was going to be a long day with over 1,000 people fighting over the full day.  Our divisions for today were point sparring, continuious sparring, and team patterns.  Our young team had entered the self defence teams to show case their Hapkido, however this was changed to lack of other competitors within the division. So our young team had to quickly put a team pattern together to enter the creative patterns section, and they secured a medal within the divison, taking a bronze and making us very proud.

It was a long hard day for everyone with a wait of 7 to 8 hours before any of our juniors had their fights. There where junior divisions with over 34 kids in it, and for one of our juniors his division had over 20, so he had to fight hard to even make it into the top 3.  Our young students did us proud on the day securing bronze in their individual sparring divisions. After a long and tiring wait Master Kirkwood finally made it onto the mats at 9.40pm, after waiting wince 10am that morning.  We were very proud of him taking Bronze in his division.

In all our young team and Master Kirkwood did an outstanding job, it was a long hard weekend, and the competition had many great comeptitors within in.  We are fortunate to come home with medals, as many went home with none.

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